Stickman Pogo 1

Stickman Pogo – addictive game with ragdoll physics, in which you in the role of Stickman must jump to the finish line overcoming obstacles.

Pogo Stick is such a cool thing with a spring that allows you to push off from the ground and bounce Stickman up. It is also called the Grasshopper simulator.

Control the slope of your stickman to jump in the right direction.

Be careful not to break the dice and do not break your head about some kind of angle, otherwise Stickman will hurt 🙂

Avoid crates with TNT explosives, if you do not want to destroy the body and send your Stickman to fly.

Try more and be able to overcome moving platforms.

Break the treasure chests with your pogo to get to the coins.

Use the trampoline to bounce a long distance.

For coins, you will be able to unlock new levels, and also buy a couple of funny skins hats for your Stickman.

Perform incredible dizzying tricks, break against walls, break bones, destroy chests, boxes with explosives and have fun!

– realistic ragdoll physics
– Hardcore gameplay, which is easy to master, but difficult to become a master
– a cool soundtrack
– multiple levels with different obstacles
– amazing tricks and destruction

P. S. Do not try to repeat gaming tricks in real life.

Category: Simulation
Requirements: 2.3.3 and up

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