Strelok Pro 1

Here’s Strelok Pro APK Full Android APP Free Download Android sports app.


  • Added reticles:
  • Impact-23 MOA, VX-6HD 4-24×52, Leupold
  • APLR2 FFP IR MOA, Helos BTR 6-24×50, Athlon
  • BDC 800, M-308 4-16×42, Nikon
  • MOAv FFP, M18+ 4-18×44, Falcon
  • MOAv SFP, M18+ 4-18×44, Falcon
  • Nikoplex, M-308 4-16×42, Nikon
  • Now you can change bullet measurement units to metric


  • 1122 reticles database! Full reticles list you can see here:
  • 1184 bullets database + 400 bullets with G7 ballistic coefficients
  • 2880 cartridges database
  • This smart ballistic calculator can use G1, G7 and… custom drag-functions! It can use Lapua radar data!
  • Can calculate trajectory without using ballistic coefficient!
  • Powder temperature considering.
  • Supports imperial and metric units.
  • Supports density altitude.
  • Can calculate spin drift, gyroscopic stability factor and vertical deflection of crosswind.
  • Can calculate Coriolis effect.
  • Supports Skywatch BL (for Android 4.3 and newer with Bluetooth 4.0)!
  • Supports Kestrel weather meters via bluetooth, including new 5×00 family (for Android 4.3 and newer with Bluetooth 4.0)!
  • Support Kestrel DROP environmental data loggers (for Android 4.3 and newer with Bluetooth 4.0)!
  • Supports Weatherflow WEATHERmeter (for Android 4.3 and newer with Bluetooth 4.0)!
  • Supports WeatherFlow WINDmeter.
  • Trajectory validation (truing) by speed or ballistic coefficient.
  • Can measure incline angle with phone camera
  • Can get current weather from internet
  • You can store you data to Dropbox or Google drive for back up and sync between devices
  • You can select target type from big list of targets

Field-proven accuracy since 2007

Required permissions:

  1. Access to GPS – for Coriolis effect calculation and internet weather
  2. Access to Bluetooth – to communicate with Kestrel weather station
  3. Access to Camera – for measuring slope angle with camera
  4. Access to internet – for Lapua drag-functions download and internet weather
  5. Access to microphone – to communicate with Weatherflow wind meter
  6. Access to storage – for write app settings and rifles. cartridges data.
Get it on:
Requirements: 3.0 and up

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