Super Ear: Super Hearing 1

Ear Assist: Super Hearing
Using the hearing aids can hear high quality and precision whether you are at home, street, school or even in the councils.

Where Super Hearing aids are available for adjusting the degree and depth of sound.

You should use Earphones and it is best to be of high quality for the best results for Super Hearing.

You can also use Super Hearing Earphones as an ear spy for legal purposes that do not conflict with the rules of the public body.
The supernatural ear enables you to get rid of the auditory bug by providing a high degree of accuracy and clarity. This depends on the tools of changing the waves and the depth of sound available in the super-hearing aids.

This tool is specially designed for those who have only problems and hearing loss and are not recommended for use in illegal purposes.

Category: Medical
Requirements: 2.3 and up

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