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Welcome to the NEW Switchmate v3.0 App! Please note this app is completing beta testing now, if you do not have an SWMbright or SWMpower device, we recommend you continue to use our legacy Switchmate Smart Lighting app until Thursday 5/18/17! Bear with us as we add numerous new features and improvements in the next couple days and send us your feedback!

The Switchmate app allows you to interact with our full suite of Switchmate Devices! Connect, Configure & Control Switchmate, SWMbright, SWMpower, Zip, and our future devices all in one place. Setup, toggling, setting preferences like timers and Welcome Home, and more!

– Control your existing switches or power ports
– Timers: automatically turn your switches or plugs on/off at preset times
– Welcome Home: automatically turn on switches or plugs of your choosing when you get home
– Updates: get over the air firmware updates for your Switchmate device(s) to make sure you have the latest/greatest
– Voice Control: Use the mic icon in the app to control your lights with your voice, see below for more details!

We are constantly improving and adding new features and would love to hear your feedback, we’re listening!
Feedback/Suggestions? [email protected]

Some of the Features we’re working on:
– Remote & WiFi Control of your devices within range of your SWMpower Devices! (May)
– Google Home & Alexa Direct Compatibility (no more requiring our partners hubs for this!) (May/June)
– Widgets: Add them to your Home Screen so you don’t have to open the app to toggle switches or use voice commands! (May)
– Grouping: Create & control groups of devices together. (June)
– Timeout: Automatically turn off a switch after X amount of time! (June)
– Android Wear: Because who doesn’t want to use their watch to do all this? (June/July)
– API & Tasker/IFTTT Plugins: Per your requests, we’re still in the early planning stages on this one but we’re working on it! (June)

Voice Control Feature:
You can click the Microphone icon in the app and simply say your command – voice activation tries to first match by the switch name that shows in your list of devices (and you can change under Device Settings), but if it can’t find that it will try to match to the location you selected when you first setup your Switchmate(s). And you can even use “all” to control all switches within range! Here are some examples:
“Turn Kenny’s Room light off”
“Turn on my living room lights”
“Turn all my lights off”
“Bedroom on”

We covered a good amount of variation in voice commands but if you find one that doesn’t work definitely let us know and we’ll see what we can do to get it added in!

– Location data is required for BLE on Android, we only use it in cases where we can tell you’re nearing home for the Welcome Home feature in order to optimize battery (so we’re not looking for Switchmates all the time!). This data is often cached from other apps and we simply grab that data so in most cases we aren’t making new location checks – it’s not transmitted off your phone to us at all.
– Background Service & Waking your device permissions are also used for Welcome Home so we can ping your Switchmate to let it know you’re home without the app needing to be open.
– Internet permissions are used for checking for firmware updates & sending us crash reports (via Google Crashlytics)
– Bluetooth & WiFi permissions are required for communicating with your Switchmate devices.

– Switchmate Device(s) of course!
– Android 4.4.4 is required so we can use Bluetooth Low Energy in order to save a lot of battery!

Switchmate devices are currently only sold in the US and Canada, but we’re working on international releases already and hope to be launching in various international markets during 2017!

Category: House & Home
Requirements: 4.4 and up

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