Here’s The Beaters Apk android music game download for free. Welcome aboard our boat, Chief! We want your rhythmic art and reactions to aid us to save the universe from creatures that are far-out. On the way, you will see partners disperse from the other side of the cosmos and you are able to recruit so that you can venture out farther into a room, them to develop a group of four. How much is it possible to consider your team to the huge universe of The Beaters.

The Beaters 2

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Beat timing feels slightly off making the game feel a little clunky. Cute and fun, but gets old quickly.

The Beaters APK. MOD Updated/Latest Version:

Beaters Android gamefree game download


  • a puzzle game that is ground-breaking
  • Free in with established capabilities for bonuses that are additional
  • Gather partners high scores with your buddies
  • Tough manager partners including adorable to bizarre
  • Tough manager presents that will help you discover the allies that are most effective
  • a puzzle game that is ground-breaking
  • a puzzle game that is ground-breaking
  • Tough manager with established capabilities for bonuses that are additional
  • Compete scores with your buddies

The Beaters modsThe Beaters 3


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The Beaters APK The Beaters MOD APK

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