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Have you been bullied by the Airlines? Do you know your Rights? The Travel Angel mobile app was created to help airline travelers understand that they are not alone. The things in our Travel Angel App will give you and your family peace of mind when you travel from now on. My family and I were getting ready for our annual Christmas vacation in 2013. The trip was to Jamaica scheduled to arrive at noon and have our feet in the sand by lunch.

Well this is where the story begins. We board our flight in Milwaukee, WI with a connecting flight in Atlanta we were late leaving Milwaukee due to a mechanical problem with the plane. Once we arrive in Atlanta we get to our connecting flight about 20 minutes early the doors are closed and 20 passengers are standing there with tickets in their hands for the flight, some had also flown from the flight from Milwaukee in which the flight attendants assured us that they would call ahead to the Montego Bay flight and let them know that we were coming–this was never done.

The airline gave our CONFIRMED seats away to standby passengers (these are normally airline employees or their family members) then the plane just sat there for another 30 minutes.

Next the airline said go to this gate and catch the next flight that never happened either, WE were now the confirmed passengers. My wife finally got to talk to a supervisor for two hours at the customer service desk. He advised we stay the night in Atlanta and TRY” to get on a flight the next day. She said no we had promised our 8 year old who was crying a beach vacation. Therefore, we fly to Miami, FL, stayed overnight there and then flew out the next day on a completely different airline.

My wife expressed her concern to the supervisor as the last we had seen of our bags was when we checked them in at Milwaukee, WI. The supervisor assured me that the luggage would be in Miami when we got there. It was not and all the airline gave us was a T-shirt and toothbrush. At this point we had no idea where our bags would be–so much for airline security and unattended baggage.

Christmas day arrives we are on our way to Jamaica for some sun and to relax but still no luggage and in the same clothes for the last two days. We finally arrive in Jamaica 2 days later than expected. We arrive at our resort in Negril, Jamaica at 10 pm that evening another whole day of vacation wasted and still no luggage, we stopped at a hut that was selling clothing and my wife spent $200 US dollars just so we could each have a swimsuit and a pair of shorts, flip flops, etc. The first bag to arrive was our daughter’s 4 days into our trip, then 2 days later mine arrive…but still not my wife’s. Next leg of our Jamaican journey we were going to Ocho Rios, Jamaica for 5 days to finish our trip. On our way to the other side of the island we stopped at the airport to see if my wife’s luggage had arrived. Well guess what it was there. The amazing thing is that our bags went more places than we did, we could tell by the airport codes. The airlines are a joke. Now finally we have our luggage and have five days to RELAX. Our family is sitting by the pool and we are telling this story to a lady and she says you have Travel Rights did you know that? The lady further explained the information to me and I was extremely thankful that she shared this valuable information. So when we got home we checked into what the lady told us and the airlines had to pay for our whole trip. I am talking about $4000.00. Over the last couple years these travel rights have saved a lot of travel headaches. So download the Travel Angel App Now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STOP BEING BULLIED BY THE AIRLINES AND KNOW YOUR RIGHTS. DOWNLOAD OUR APP TODAY AND SHARE ON ALL YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA SITES. SAFE TRAVELS AND YOU CAN ALWAYS COUNT ON THE TRAVEL ANGEL.

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