Here’s the TIME LOCKER – Shooter Apk Android arcade game full game download for free. Time Locker! Where when YOU stop, so does the time this is a hugely entertaining android game. The rate of your hand controls the rate of the moment in the match. Perform with many different figures all with skills that are distinct, and find out how long you are able to live in a world with many various kinds of creatures that all shift otherwise! The Moment when you cease going up suspends, in order to cherish your scenario, and respond somewhat more tactically than in a frenetic real-time sport. On the other hand, the death that is sneaking is coming from behind you, so you can not dawdle for a long time.

TIME LOCKER - Shooter 2

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TIME LOCKER – Shooter is free to download, using In-app purchases you can buy creatures and specific guns you could begin driving at the start of the game, through a particular cash IAP that is large along with movie advertising. This game is a great instance of how an inspiration can be taken by a game from a different in this instance, the quit-start machinist of Superhot – and transform it right into a fun, unique experience all its.

TIME LOCKER – Shooter APK. MOD Updated/Latest Version:

TIME LOCKER Shoot'em up Free latest android game


  • Free to Play
  • Entertaining game
  • Play with lots of different characters all with different abilities.
  • The speed of time in the game is controlled by the speed of your finger.

TIME LOCKER - Shooter Mod TIME LOCKER Android game


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