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Checking screen time of digital native kids.

timekid is a clock, which makes sure that your kid does not spend too much screen time. it does so in a non-invasive way, encouraging a partnership between you as a parent and your child.

digital natives need screen time, but they also need time away from all electronic devices. timekid is the perfect tool to achieve a balance between our children’s digital and analog worlds.

set the amount of daily screen time that feels right for you, like 30 minutes. your child starts watching – you start the clock. (s)he stops watching – you stop the clock. install the kid’s version on their device, and they can start and stop the clock themselves.

put in different settings for weekdays and weekends. add or take time on a specific day, if the situation requires it. maybe you want to give a reward for a special achievement – time on timekid is an astonishingly powerful (and appreciated!) currency. peek into the statistic section to analyse past consumption. this way screen time stops being the dark force endangering all your educational efforts.

you can install the app on your parent-buddy’s phone and all data is synched. meaning each of you can use the app autonomously, yet in complete coordination. no more asking if the other parent would allow screen time or if the child has already watched too much. at any moment it is clear how much time was consumed and how much is open.

timekid is non invasive, thus it is not an evil watchdog on your child’s favorite toy. we had a debate among us and decided against an app that would shut down the device, once time is up. instead timekid only gives an audio signal when time runs out and sends a notification to the parents, that’s it. we wanted to create a tool that inspires a partnership between kid and parent, rather than a big brother watch- and control mechanism.

it really works; our kids simply accept that there is a rule and this way timekid eliminates many little arguments.

it is amazing how much influence this little tool had on our families. suddenly screen time is something we feel we have under control.

Category: Parenting
Requirements: 4.1 and up

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