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Tribepool, find your tribe and ride!
What is tribepool?
Tribepool is a community based carpooling (ridesharing) app. Tribepool members create multiple “tribes” around activities or events, by inviting neighbors, friends, and teammates into those tribes. Once you have created a tribe, let tribepool manage your tribes! Tribepool has the unique ability to create and manage multiple carpools within your tribes. When setting up a carpool through tribepool you can enter all relevant travel details like time, date, origin, and destination. Tribepool allows you to manage, change, and communicate with those tribe members participating in the carpool.

How does tribepool work?
Users create carpool schedules and then invite other tribe members to share the rides. Tribepool puts all the information in one place – who needs a ride, who is available to drive, the event location, time and date, as well as pick-up locations and drop-off locations. Tribepool drivers update the status of the carpool to communicate with riders.

Why Use tribepool?
Save time. You can organize carpools more efficiently, create and join “tribes” with those who often need to go to the same places as you.Carpool safely. Invite those you know and trust. Drivers and riders will be your family, friends, or friends of friends. No more ridesharing with total strangers.
Tribepool SOS provides you with ability to plan for the unexpected. Sometimes you find yourself in a transportation predicament…..dead batteries, flat tires, illness, and traffic can affect all of us. Send out an SOS Alert through tribepool to instantly connect with those you trust most. Our unique tribepool SOS feature provides you with the peace of mind for those situations in which we have all found ourselves.
Ease of use. Tribepool carpooling provides users with automated invitations, schedules, notifications, reminders, and individual subscriber and family profiles.
Tribepool provides seamless carpooling! Once a profile is created, carpools can be created within seconds and make time-consuming phone calls and email chains obsolete. Carpools are updated to your calendar and alerts are sent.

It’s carpooling made easy
The tribes you create reflect your needs.
Team tribes to manage transportation to events, games, practices, and tournaments.
Neighborhood tribes to help you commute to work and school.
Community tribes that helps provide better access and involvement.
SOS tribes made up of those you can count on under any circumstance.

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Requirements: 4.0.3 and up

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