Turtle Timer & SMS Auto Reply 1

Need a full nights rest? Never feel anxious again about putting your phone on silent mode when you go to bed.

Turtle Timer is a very simple timer that when started, will put your phone on “Do Not Disturb” mode and send automated replies to those who are on your contact list. If someone on your contact list needs to contact you, they simply text “EMERGENCY” which will turn on your emergency alert notification.

1) Adjust the timer to how long you want it to count down for
2) Convenient display shows when the timer will count down until
3) Import contacts to your contact list and ignore list
4) Adjust alarm sound and emergency alert settings to how you want to be notified
5) Pick one of the default automated text, or create your own!
6) Start the timer!
7) Once the timer is started, your phone will be placed in “Do Not Disturb Mode”


– Only those in your contact list will get an automated reply and can send you an emergency alert
– Those in your ignore list will never get an automated reply and can never send you an emergency alert


Common uses:
– Sleep throughout the night soundly and not being woken up to “hey, are you asleep”
– Take a nap and never be woken up by text messages unless it’s urgent!
– Go into a meeting and have your clients know why you can’t reply immediately.
– Never get distracted when studying again, and cure anxiety of not having to check your phone for emergencies
– Turn it on when you’re driving so you won’t get distracted by notifications.

====================== NOTE ================================

– If you’re in a meeting or in class, it’s recommended that you set the “Emergency Alert” to vibration as it could get loud…

Category: Productivity
Requirements: 5.0 and up

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