Vargo Anesthesia Mega App 1

Note: Price increase due to to costs of increased updates in response to the large variety of Droid phones updates.

This app is now “11” anesthesia apps combined in 1. The Case Tips” app is a book of over 500 procedures. Many of the procedures are not yet in anesthesia text books.

This app will frequently be updated with the newest surgical procedures, drugs and drips for FREE!

The 10 apps included into this massive app are listed below:

1. “Malignant Hyperthermia”- Simplified with the latest literature from the Malignant Hyperthermia Association website.

2. “Calculatons”-ABL/EBV, BMI, BSA/CI, MAP, SVR/PVR, Bicarb Deficit and O2 Cylinder Duration.

3. “Crises” mini app.
This simplifies the emergencies you may deal with in the world of anesthesia. Algorithms and review notes from Amniotic Fluid Embolism, cardiac, airway and other emergency situations.

4. “Anesthesia Case Tips”- The “Anesthesia Case Tips” book version on is $59. The Case Tips app is one of the top selling anesthesia app on iTunes App Store. It consists of 27 chapters with over 500 cases. The included search engine permits you to find your case within seconds. There is also a “Notes Section” for you to add personal notes for each case. Cases are frequently being added for FREE. Many of the newer cases cannot be found in Jaffe.

5. “Anesthesia Drug Box”– This app contains over 150 drugs/agents/products that we commonly or only periodically use in the field of Anesthesia. Perfect for students and a good review and quick reference for anesthesia veterans.

6. “Anesthesia Drips”- This is a user-friendly top selling anesthesia app which contains a large list of cardiac and anesthesia drips. With one click, the app explains:
*How to mix your drip.
*Final concentrations.
*Equations used to get the drip rates as a reference.
*Drip tables.
*Drip rates are calculated by just clicking the listed weight in kilograms of your patient’s actual weight.
*Pharmacology notes on how the drug works.

7. “Adult Anesthesia” -This app offers you over 350 weight based drug calculations. With 2 simple clicks, you are ready to go within seconds. You no longer lose time to having to double-check a dose. Just click on your patient’s weight and you have many categories to choose from, with 350 calculations already done for you. It also has weight-based doses for crises like Anaphylaxis, MH, Cardiac Arrests and many more.

8. “CABG For Anesthesia”- This App is tailored for someone learning to manage hearts in anesthesia. It is simplified but still detailed. It explains:
*CABG cliffs notes you won’t get in class.
*Step-by-step instructions from pre-op to post-op care.
*What to do from the beginning.
*Setting up the room.
*What the surgeon is doing.
*What the surgeon will do next.
*When and what drugs to give.
*Coming off bypass & how other experienced anesthesia providers come off bypass.

9. “Blood/TEGs”- Notes on blood transfusion and blood products. TEG review notes and simplified for beginners.

10. Pedi Anesthesia”- this app contains pediatric case tips (how me manage them), review notes, weight based equipment sizes
and drug doses. There is not another pediatric app available with even 1/3rd the material.

Category: Medical
Requirements: 4.0.3 and up

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