Here’s the VERSUS The Elite Trials APK Full Paid Android game free download. Do you want to integrate the gods’ Courte, stealing their super powers, or change agent that is double and join them, getting your place on the list of heavenly? “VERSUS: The Elite Studies” is an exciting 140,000-term fun story by Zachary Sergi, writer of our bestselling “Characters Increase” trilogy. The narrative is controlled by your selection. It really is completely text-established—without appear or images —and supported by the vast, easy power of your imagination. Thirteen criminals have created the E Lite Courte, a bloc, to make sure that they select who dies and who lives. But among their socalled “gods” has a strategy for revolution. Your capacity to snitch reminiscences and super powers makes you an ideal doubleagent –or an ideal secret agent. MemoryTravel through area and time –maintaining one step in front of the representatives who want you dead. Style your personal world in the places of the gods.

VERSUS The Elite Trials 2

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VERSUS The Elite Trials APK. MOD Updated/Latest Version:

VERSUSfull paid game free download


  • Play as male, female, or non-binary
  • Create a planet and culture in your own image
  • Romance one (or more!) of ten different characters
  • Subvert the corrupt Elite Courte, or join them to suppress rebellion
  • Learn the shocking truth about your home planet, Prisca
  • Rejoin Lady Venuma, Grog, and Breeze; meet a new cast of alien characters

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VERSUS The Elite Trials APK VERSUS The Elite Trials MOD APK


VERSUS The Elite Trials APK

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