Vexman Parkour - Stickman run 1

Do you like parkour? Now! Try with vexman.
Run, jump, slide, swim and more to defeat 10+ levels and 9 extra challenge levels
Run, jump, climb, slide. Do all it takes to survive in this tough world of Vex 3. Much fun
our all time favorite stickman game. Run, jump, slide, and swim while avoiding traps. Find your way through 10 levels and solve 9 extra challenges in this crazy platformer!
How to play game vector man?
Control stickman with button control ui. stick man can swim, run, jump. we can also call stickman is runner or jumper.
Look vector man is quite like troll man.
Vexman have simple graphic like many games . Because of that they look so familiar.
Now start playing the game. Control vector man jump through the pitfalls, run through saw….
Try to stick man to collide with them. It will lead to the end of the game.
Vexman are many levels of play and very attractive. Get the stickman to the finish line to get to the next level!
Now playing and experiencing it! Have fun with vexman!!

Category: Adventure
Requirements: 2.3 and up

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