Warfriends Apk Download for Android action game is an extremely amusing game where you try and take on the enemy soldiers he spawns to your handy guns and your own personal soldiers. Go with friends and family to war and end up being the world ’s team that is greatest a special 3 action game from the producers of Super Dead Pixel, in WarFriends. Bullets, jump between takes and protect out the enemy causes that are penetrating at all necessary!


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WarfriendsWarfriends Mod

There are guards it is possible to hide behind and distinct guns you are able to utilize to get to which other participant hiding behind his guards. The interesting component comes from playing cards that command different units to field, from plain soldiers to helicopters, drones, etc. The game is highly competitive and has loads of multiplayer features, so here’s your chance to gang up with your friends and take out other people.


  • Duke it out in 1v1 that is exceptional fight conflicts that are tactical
  • go to battle with the world and Team up with friends and family
  • Perform cooperative the battlefield with controls that are intuitive and straightforward
  • Gather WarCards and soldiers to strategically to strategically
  • Dominate the battlefield with controls that are intuitive and straightforward

Warfriends Android gameWarfriends APK

  • ON-LINE BATTLE – Produce a group and recruit friends and family to battle in online deathmatches that are rated alongside you. Is it possible to direct your team to the top of the leader boards?
  • Assemble an army drones, of shotgunners, as well as aircraft pack troopers to release tactically in the warmth of conflict
  • ADDING WARCARDS – Construct a terrace of WarCards with sport-changing benefits. Release them in conflict to impede your foe, raise your arms, fill much more and heads!
  • UNBELIEVABLE FIRE POWER – Discover the full collection of weapons which range from guns to anti-tank bazookas!


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Warfriends APK

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