Water Park Slide Adventure 1

Welcome to a new era of water slide games.Water park slide adventure is the most epic water slide adventure 3D game where you get ultimate fun and marvelous adventure.Real water slide ride game is an ultimate entertaining thrilling & mind blowing exciting aqua fun simulation game for true adventure lovers. Enjoy speed race sliding through water slide with twists and turns with the most amazing physics based movements in the 1st person based 3D camera view. Water slider ride is epic madness for thrill riders and the best of free 3D water racing games with a crazy thrilling experience that is going to rock your world!

Set yourself up for amazing water slide ride on the planet’s craziest shoreline water! Perform insane tricks and avoid crashing with corners on your way. Overcome fear and get ready for an unimaginable water ride and perform some truly crazy tracks. Show your real talent to achieve end goal in this epic, excite filled ride with endless fun.Be careful while turning in fast speed because this adventurous ride is full of traps and tricks. Enjoy adrenaline rush and twist and tilt your way round tight corners to avoid crashes, make crazy loops and through tunnels at lightning speeds! Be ready to avoid & dodging obstacles on sharp turns on your way to level completion.

Prepare for a major water sprinkle this season! Let go all the bore rides and make you dream come true. Experience lot of fun and join a definitive water slide entertainment urge in the best water sliding game. Play every one of the free rides and get coins eared by completing levels.

Play as long as you can as you perform crazy stunts and blast through everything in your path in this unique water slide games. Experience endless fun and adventure with multi-levels of creative game play and impossible mission to complete, a game perfect for girls and boys.Feel the adrenaline rush in your blood as you race for freedom, fun and high scores. We know that dream of summer is a nightmare, when the weather is so hot and there is no holiday. But now wait is over and beach is to be opened for everyone. Join this fantastic summer water park slide on multiple water slides!

Rush into the cool water and take pleasure in sliding and gliding with fast speed! Perform different stunts like twist and make loops, tilt your way round tight corners and enjoy your epic race! Watch out and be attentive, because there are many different obstacles and your mission is to avoid any collisions and other accidents. Enjoy amazing summer views and set amazing records! You can enjoy different ride just like the real experience and fell like the water is all around you and enjoy the thrill of the clean water.

Feel the true pleasure as you jump your way down the serious twists and turns of a massive water slide. Be sure to avoid the dangerous objects on your way down. Slide down on those big slides. Find your way around tight corners and huge loops, following the natural velocity of the slide. Slide through tubes with lots of real and amazing 3D experience.

Key features:
Multiple Levels
Realistic Game play
Creative music
Unbelievable 3D sounds effects
So what are you waiting for? Download this beach water slide pool android game now…!!!

Category: Racing
Requirements: 2.3 and up

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