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Wings of War – London Squadron is here for you to download for Android just updated with the latest version the faith of Birmingham is in your fingers, Just the London Squadron can be led by you to Triumph, you are also going to see the missions of Antartica after this, you’re head of the famous London Squadron. Britain’s aviators that are most competent and best. It’s up to your guys and you to stop the imminent strike via across the Canal. Table your plane and fight the solution Nazi superpower weapons in a massive air battle of Hitler over the town of London Squadron. A difficult top-down 360° shooter.

  • APK Update on: 12th October 2016
  • Game Installs: 5,000 – 10,000
  • Android Version: 4.3 and up
  • Android Game DeveloperGamestudio
  • Wings of War – London Squadron Android DOWNLOAD

Encounter what occurs after the strike on London, direct naval warships through the Arctic sea, fighting enemy airplanes and ships off and evading icebergs. Axis subs and warships against the fighter planes that are allied that are fast and their flying citadel b 29-bombers. Find weapons that are more key, the concealed Arctic base and finish the leadership of Hitler once and for all!

Wings of War – London Squadron Updated/Latest Version:

To shield the capital of it’s, the RAF hands selected a small number of pilots. Collectively they’d form the many important lines of defense of the city, Birmingham Squadron.

On April 4, another distress call came in from among the radar areas located along the shoreline. This period that they had detected a substantial navy of zeppelins and hostile planes, bombers originating from across the canal. The sunshine hadn’t also come up when the alarm went off in the squadron’s barracks. play wings of war London squadron and make a rush get everyone rallied to get dressed to the briefing room.

Wings of War ApkWings of War

  • You started to fade away when you heard the headlines the world around, Everything became totally quiet for a minute as you realized the challenge that was hopeless you and your team had to confront. A cold shiver traveled wings of war apk is here to overcome your spine so to bring you back to the room.
  • You can feel as you were your entire men were just as fearful and anxious. But the time of facing the odds of experience and coaching, helped you keep and function those emotions that were overwhelming at bay. You were your men, the city, the millions of individuals living with your own spouse and London and the Head and children were counting on you.

Wings of War – London Squadron ANDROID GAME FEATURES:

Your ideas were abruptly interrupted when an officer arrived in the room telling us that our coastlines had been reached by the adversary. Forget about time to believe, program or no more time talk a scheme. If any scheme, it had been to prevent them from ruining our town at any price.


Wings of War Android Game Download 

Several in the room can lose their life today including you, but you can only expect to do his part and possibly make a distinction, you adopted your team away dashing towards the planes that were prepped. The moment you joined the seat your concentrate became laser sharp and guess what the rest is history.

Wings of War Game

The game shows an alternate World War II period line combining reality with dream. This Wings of War game is challenging. It will toss you right massive air battle over the town of Birmingham. Every time you and your flying abilities play with may enhance. Over time you will discover the best approaches to prevent the adversary as quickly as possible. In the finish, you will lay aside Birmingham!


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Wings of War - London Squadron Apk

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