Zero Voltage 1

This app shows battery voltage (volts), charging/discharging current (amperes), charge rate (watts), remaining battery capacity (kWh), high/low battery temperature (degrees Celsius) and cell balance (mV).


This application requires DigiNow Reaper Dongle to be connected to your Zero motorcycle. It will not work without dongle and it will not work with other electric motorcycle brands. You need to pair dongle with your phone for the app to be able to connect to it.

By using this application you agree to the following:

1. Neither app developer,, Hollywood Electrics, nor Zero Motorcycles is responsible for any damage caused to property, people, your bike, or your person during or after using this app.
2. You understand that use of this application and/or dongle may void your warranty.
3. You understand that this app is not an official Zero Product, but an aftermarket app.
4. You accept all responsibility for any positive or negative results from using this app.

Category: Auto & Vehicles
Requirements: 4.0 and up

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